Internship for Engineering

Internship for Engineering provided by KAASHIV INFOTECH. Internship for Engineering is One of the best way to get engineering experience outside of  College is to land an engineering internship .Through the internship Students  getting an experience in Advanced Technologies .We are providing Best  Internship for the Engineering Students in Technical Basis -(Hands On Internship )on Week Days & Week Ends as well. Any more doubts or queries on this , let us know to update & rectify.

To Whom we provide Internship for Engineering

  • Aeronautical Engineering
  • Computer Science and Engineering  (CSE)
  • Civil Engineering
  • Electrical and Communication Engineering (ECE)
  • Electrical and Electronics Engineering  (EEE)
  • Electrical and Instrumentation Engineering  (EI)
  • Information Technology  (IT)
  • Mechanical Engineering

Technology Provided for Internship for CSE/IT/MCA:

  • Cloud Computing Programming.
  • Nix Query.
  • Robotics Programming.
  • Big Data Programming.
  • Microsoft Affix Programming.
  • Android Programming.
  • Mesh overhaul Programming.
  • Network Programming+CCNA.
  • Hacking – Hands-On.
  • Chron Programming.
  • Representation & Data Scrutinizer Programming.
  • Dotnet Programming.

Internship for Engineering

Technology Provided for Internship for ECE/EIE/EEE:

  • Embedded C Program from Designing and Implementation
  • MatLab – Basic Level of Programming (Capture Image Processing, Animate Images-Practical Demo)
  • MatLab – Advanced Level of Programming (Capture Image Processing, Animate Images-Practical Demo)
  • Website Designing – Live Template Designing, CSS, Integration, Live Migration Activities
  • Network Configuration (Networking Router Configuration Practical Demo)


Internship for Engineering

Technology Provided for Internship for MECH/CIVIL/AERO:

  • 3D MOdelling
  • Mechanical Tear Duct Designs
  • Solar Construction + Solar Vechicle
  • Aircraft Desgining
  • Underwater Construction
  • Satellite Caliberation

Internship for Engineering

Application Procedure:

For Registration Please Click Here to download the Application Form for Internship.Fill and send it to

Features of Internship for Engineering: 

  1. Preparing on 8 virtual products , 5 Electronics Components
  1. 100% Practical Training.
  1. Live Code Embed in chip and robotics.
  1. Live picture Processing + Practical LAN Configuration
  1. Gain the knowledge based on  the coding part.


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