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  • Internship is an open door offered by a business to potential representatives, called assistants, to work at a firm for an altered, restricted timeframe. Understudies are normally students or understudies, and most temporary jobs keep going for any time span between one week and 12 months.

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Benefits For Attending Internship

  • Pick up work experience and transferable abilities
  • Conceivably procure course credit and procure cash
  • Have the capacity to encounter a forthcoming vocation way
  • Increase down to earth experience, by applying strategies and speculations learned in classes
  • System with experts in your field, for references and future openings for work
  • Grow new abilities and refine others
  • Pick up trust in your capacities

Eligible Departments For Internship

  • Engineering
  • Arts And Science
  • Management


  • Applicants are required to work with an Kaashiv faculty. Applicants are advised to review the list of participating faculty along with the description of projects being offered over here.
  • Applicants may apply for internship with only one participating Kaashiv faculty; based on their interests and prior experience they are free to apply for internship with faculty/projects outside of their declared degree specializations.
  • Applicants will be required to make a presentation to the institute and submit a report at the end of the tenure.

Application Procedure


  • Training program is absolutely practical.
  • Professional Certificates (1. Internship Certificate 2. Project Completion Certificate) will be awarded at the end of the training program.
  • FREE placement training (Aptitude, GD, HR Interview) is also provided.
  • Our Company will be working on all 7 days of the week. (including Saturdays and Sundays).

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