Internship For BCA Students

Internship For BCA Students

  • Internship For BCA Students is a integrate participants with career professionals accenting mentor-directed, degree-related, period world task completion.
  • Throughout the situation participants have interaction in scientific or engineering analysis, development, and operations activities.
  • Additionally, there area unit non-technical situation opportunities to interact in skilled activities that support Kaashiv business processes.
  • Through these internships, participants leverage Kaashiv mission activities and mentorship to boost and increase their skilled capabilities and clarify their long career goals.

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  • Students attend faculty in hopes of coming into a financially stable and comparatively pleasurable career.
  • At only once, attending and doing well in faculty was enough to make sure that a student would fulfill that goal.
  • Over the years, however, employment has become a lot of more competitive.
  • This competition could be a results of variety of various factors like the economy and outsourcing.


  • CCNA

5 Days Internship For BCA Students

Days Technologies
Day 1 Big Data + Nix Query (Live Implementation/Training)
Day 2 Cloud Computing+Mesh OverHeul Programming
Day 3 Ethical Hacking+Folder Closet Programming
Day 4 Android &mobile App Developement
Day 5 Internet Of Things(IOT)+CCNA Networking

Application Procedure

10 Days Internship For BCA Students Technologies
1 Big Data Analytics (Live Implementation/Training)
2 Nlx Query
3 Cloud Computing (Connect Cloud / Design Application / Access Cloud / Live Server implementation)
4 Mesh OverHaul Programming
5 Ethical Hacking (Live Server Hack/Live facebook, Gmail Hack / Windows OS Hack / Website Hack)
6 Folder Closet Programming
7 Android
8 Mobile App Development
9 Internet Of Things(IOT)
10 CCNA (Networking) (Carbon odopor design – Live Implementation/Training )

Application Procedure


  • Training Programs Are Fully Practical.
  • Free Microsoft Research Community Ethical Hacking Workshop with Certificate are going to be given to all Inplant Training / Internship Attendees

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